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Nastec - Variable Frequency Drive

Mida - Pump Controllers

Next generation of motor on-board inverter!

Ideal for water booster sets, HVAC systems with circulating pumps and control of submersible pumps. It ensures:

  • Energy saving due to variable speed control.
  • Soft start and soft stop.
  • Extended system life and reliability.
  • Installation on humid and dusty environments made possible by IP55 (NEMA 4) protection degree.
  • Simplified installation on motor or wall.
  • Easy and fast commissioning thanks to initial configuration wizard.
  • High thermal and mechanical performance thanks to aluminium case and independent ventilation.

Extended system life and reliability.

The average speed of a pump driven by MIDA is inevitably lower than a comparable fixed speed pump. This reduces component wear such as bearings, bushings, seals, etc.  MIDA also starts and stops the pump gently, reducing the mechanical stress on the shaft and impellers and avoiding water hammer. Hardware and software protections provided by MIDA prevent any damage to the pump and the system.  At lower speeds, the system will also generate less noise.

Unmatched user experience

Thanks to Nastec NOW app it is possible to communicate with all Nastec SMART Bluetooth® devices in order to:

  • Monitor multiple operating parameters simultaneously on the wide, high definition, colored screen of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Get energy consumption statistics and check the alarm log.
  • Develop programs, save them in the archive, copy them to other devices and share them among multiple users.
  • Create reports with the possibility of adding notes and images, and email or store them in the digital archive.

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