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2-VPS0311 20C1VW1-SSLFXX - Pump Stations


This pump station has been designed to work in lifting applications. Every detail in this unit has been carefully engineered to provide the best performance and durability. This pump station is tested for 2 days, to make sure that the product that our customer receive will perform beyond expectation,  making onsite installation very easy.

Once the pump passes the operating test, it is submitted to a pressure test where the complete Pump Station is pressurized at 30 psi above the requested PRESSURE to prevent leaking.

  • Less HP than average to reach the performance required
  • High performance pumps to guarantee the best level of operation
  • Existing pump stations can be upgraded to increase flow and/or pressure
Our products are provided either fully assembled or pre-assembled and are designed to be easily installed.

Our pump stations for lifting applications come with a check valve in the suction of every pump to guarantee that the pumps will never lose the prime during operation. The check valve is also able to avoid water recirculation between pumps. 

These pump stations come assembled with Variable Frequency Drives, electronic devices designed to keep the pressure of the system by modifying the speed of the pump motors. PD WATER SYSTEMS brings to the market the most advanced Variable Frequency Drives and provides its distributors with the best options for this application. 

Variable Frequency Drives, in addition to maintaining the pressure in the system, bring the best protection to the pumps. By monitoring the pumps’ electrical parameters, our controllers can prevent the pumps from working under harmful conditions such as motor overload, dry running, working with broken pipes, etc. 

The use of Variable Frequency Drives allows also important energy saving since the motor works at the minimum speed needed to guarantee the requested pressure and flow. 

This Pump Station is connected to water cooled Variable Frequency Drive which is assembled on the discharge line and allows water to flow through it and cool down the device. This type of controllers does not use external pressure sensor; the weather resistance construction type allows outdoor use.

Recommended for the following applications:
  • When the system will be working in outdoor conditions
  • When the pump flow is below 50 GPM
  • When there is a preference of VFD without pressure sensor
To learn more about our Variable Frequency Drives cooled by water please check here.


This unit come assembled to Vertical Pumps,  which find use in any kind of boosting application as well as when working in lifting conditions from a source such a storage tank or lake. This type of pumps can work in applications with water table up to a depth of 8 feet.

Recommended in the following applications:
  • When there is a requirement for a Pumping System in 100% Stainless Steel
  • With applications where very high pressure with a low HP  is needed 
  • When the temperature of the pumped fluid goes up to 240 F
  • When space is an issue, vertical pumps become very useful since the pump stations assembled with this type of pumps are very compact.
Committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, PD WATER SYSTEMS has developed a list of options to guarantee the perfect product for the required application. These pump stations are assembled with 100% STAINLESS STEEL components. 

The high quality materials used make our pump stations the best option for purification systems, with potable water, or with any application where such type of material is required.


This type of pump stations brings to the market a variety of advantages. The use of our line of SMART Variable Frequency Drives, which communicate among each other, brings the following advantages:
  • Pump alternation to guarantee the same lifespan to all the pumps.
  • When all the pumps work at the same time, they keep the same rpm and for this reason we can guarantee the same lifespan to every pump.
  • In normal conditions there is a master pump controller which controls the pump station and the other controllers work as slaves.
  • If for any reason there is a failure in the master, one slave pump controller takes over and keeps the pump station working.
To learn more about our Variable Frequency Drives please check here.