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The Company

Our company was founded in 2005 with the goal of introducing some European brands to the US market. After two years of extensive market research, in 2007 the arrival of our first shipment of products from Italy marked the beginning of our operations.
During the first two years we devoted ourselves to present our wide variety of products to the distributors operating in the market. Our hard work and dedication paid off.  Little by little, we started to sell our products, we made a name for ourselves on the East Coast, and we were able to create new accounts in a market saturated by a large variety of options available from different vendors.

Once established as pump supplier, we continued to strategically research the market and, after careful consideration, by the end of 2011 we decided to introduce the 4" Submersible Line of Pearl Pumps to the US market.  Based on the positive reviews from distributors and end users, in 2012 we added the Vertical Line of pumps to our extensive list of products. Additionally, that same year, we started to import Variable Speed Drive Controllers. 

Today, PD WATER SYSTEMS works with suppliers from Italy, Taiwan, China, Spain, and the United States. We work diligently to develop new products and solutions for the US market. During the past years we have achieved a great level of success. Yet, we continue to focus our attention to the distribution of our wide variety of products for the domestic market.
We face the future with many ideas and new projects in mind. Our focus is to use our experience in the water pump business to provide solutions and high quality products at affordable prices. To reach our goals we trust the most valuable asset our company has: our employees and their dedication to our customer's satisfaction. Our workforce always strive to deliver the best service, making PD Water Systems, LLC a leader in the water pump distribution industry.